5 Best Places to Shop in Beijing – How to go and where to shop in Beijing

Posted on November 26, 2016

1. Wang Fu Jing Commercial Street (王府井)

wangfujingWangfujing Street- which begins at East Chang’an Avenue in the south and ends at the National Art Museum of China in the north, totals 1500 meters in length. It is the most famous commercial area in Beijing with history spanning over a century. To the east of Wangfujing Street you can find Dong’anmen Street and East Huangchenggen market, which have contributed greatly to Wangfujing’s development.

How to go:
By Subway take line 1 to Wang Fu Jing station.
or Take Bus no. 104, 108 to East Chang’an Avenue Station.

2. Silk Street (Xiu Shui Jie)

silk_streetSilk Market/Silk Street Market (秀水街, Xiu Shui Jie) is one of the popular shopping places in Beijing. It attracts approximately 20,000 visitors daily including many foreigners. Silk Street is adjacent to the Friendship Store and embassy area and is very covenient as it was rebuilt in the site of the old XiuShui Street. A huge varitey of products and clothing as well as a comfortable shopping environment will have you shopping till you drop in no time at all.

How to go:
By Subway take line 1 to Yong An Li Station.
or Take Bus no. 37, 802.

3. Yashow Market (雅秀市场), San Li Tun (currently going through renovation)

Yashow Market also known as Silk Market is mostly visited by the foreigners. The market offers a wide variety of products such as clothes, shoes, suits, silk products, bags and luggage, electronics and so on. In Yashow Market you can almost bargain for any product but to get a good price you have try your best to show your bargaining skills.

How to go:
By Subway take Line 10 to Tuanjiehu station (Tuán jiē hú / 团结湖) go out of Exit A. Walk about 10 minutes on Gongrentiyuchang North Road and look for Yashow Market written on a building.
or take Bus no. 113, 118, 406, 431, 701, 758

4. Xidan Commercial Street (西单)

xidanXidan (西单, Xidan) is a famous traditional commercial area and also the most popular place for shopping in Beijing. The recent construction of Xidan Shopping center and Xidan Scitech Shopping city has made  Xidan Commercial Street the new business center in Beijing.

How to go:
By Subway take line 1 to Xi Dan station.
or Take Bus no. 1, 2, 57 and 728

5. Wudaokou (五道口)

You cannot talk about Beijing without mentioning Wudaokou (五道口). Situated in Haidian District, it is becoming an increasingly popular commercial center in Beijing. It is a great place for hanging out, be at night or during the day. There is a big variety of restaurants, ranging from Chinese, Korean and Japanese to American, Italian, thus making the choice of where to take a meal much broader.

wudaokouWudaokou is also home to some shopping centers like Lotus centre, Watsons, U-center where you can also find other brand shops like Baleno, Esprit and coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries like Paris Baguette or Tous les jours. The variety of shops you can find there is really big and they usually work until late hours in the night, so night shopping has never been so fun! There are also some clubs like Propaganda, Lush, Zub where the prices are usually relatively lower than other places in Beijing. Morever Wudaokou is an easily accessible place due to its good public transport links including a station on Line 13 (the CityRail line) of the Beijing Subway.

Wudaokou is also close to a large number of universities like Beijing University, Tsinghua, BLCU(Beijing Language and Culture University), Geosciences University and many others. As such, it has a large student population,including foreigners. It is hence no big surprise that Wudaokou is now known as an international student area.

How to go:
By Subway take line 13 to Wudaokou station
or take bus no. 375, 331, 307, 630, 690, 656, 731, 743

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