Chinese-Made Passenger Drone to Fly in Dubai?

Posted on February 15, 2017

Chinese-made passenger drone EHANG-184 (YiHang 亿航 184) is expected to start operation in July 2017, announced by the director of Dubai’s Roads & Transportation Agency at World Government Summit according to media reports. The director said “this passenger drone is not only a model, we have already tested this aerial vehicle flying in Dubai’s sky”.

GuangZhou based EHang Intelligence Technology Co., LTD. was established in 2014 and already well known for its innovative flying machines.

Passenger drone EHANG-184 was first unveiled at the CES fair 2016 in Las Vegas, able to carry one passenger (117 KG maximum), fly up to 30 mins and can recharge in two hours. It is propelled by eight propellers attached to four stretched arms.

To take a ride, the passenger would have to set the destination on a smart screen attached in front of the passenger seat and the drone would lift off from there to the destination automatically. The complete activity will be controlled and monitored by a ground command center through 4G network.

EHANG-184 at World Government Summit 2017

Held from 12 Feb to 14 Feb 2017, the summit attracted a large amount of visitors, exhibitors where this next generation flying vehicle was the center of everyone’s attention, few even calling it “China’s Tesla”.

Dubai has set its strategic goal to transform 25% of personal transportation into smart and driverless by 2030.


EHANG-184 at World Government Summit 2017


EHANG-184 at CES Fair 2016


EHANG-184 at the CES Fair 2016



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