Chinese Pear Soup Recipe

Posted on November 27, 2016

chinese-pear-soupChinese Pears are also known as Asian Pears, nashi, Taiwan Pears or sand pears or 梨子 (li zi). They have a high water level content and when eaten, they have a very good cooling effect on the body. I like eating these chinese pears in summer, but in winter, I feel they are too “cool” to be eaten directly. So, I make them into a tonic and energizing pear soup! This soup is very popular in China, and is a traditional Chinese medicinal soup. It is usually consumed when people have a sore throat and it can greatly help when having fever. Other ingredients are generally added, like the very healthy goji berries/wolfberries(枸杞- gou qi), red dates (红枣), or fritillariae cirrhosae(川贝母chuan bei mu- I could only find the scientific name).
Unfortunately, I had only red dates at hand, and I couldn’t find the chuan bei mu anywhere near the school! The traditional way of making this Chinese Pear Soup is to core the pears, fill them with the chuan bei mu and then simmer for almost 7-8 hours. Well, personally, I find it a very long process, so I just tossed everything together in a pot and simmered the whole thing for 1 hour. Be sure to try out that recipe, it is simple and quick and very energizing, especially for those of you suffering from the cold winter like here in Beijing. Enjoy!

Chinese Pear Soup Recipe :

3-4 medium pears, cut into large chunks(discard the core)
handful of red dates(dried or honeyed or non-honeyed)
honey, to taste
1.5 litre water

1. Bring the water to a boil.
2. Add the pears and red dates. Simmer for 1 hour.
3. Check out for water regularly.
4. Add honey to taste. Serve!


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