Countless Chili Peppers Create Hottest Landscapes in Bangladesh

Posted on March 3, 2017

Chili peppers are known to be hot and spicy but Bangladeshi photographer Abdul Momin has shown that red hot chili peppers could be a subject of stunning landscapes.

He captured these photos in his hometown Bogra district as laborers worked on fields during chili harvesting season. Different farms in Bogra supply about 3000 Metric Tons of red chili each year employing over 2000 poor villagers.

Dried red chili peppers as well as chili powder are the key ingredient of daily cooking in Bangladesh and are used as part of a combination of other spices for various Bengali cuisines, curries.

The manual process of drying up red chili peppers in sunlight has remained the same for centuries however, some day, these farms will probably be extinct as technology is replacing every ancient process – said Mr Momin.


Harvested chilies are dried up in the sunlight and best quality chilies are transported to various spice companies for further processing.



Mr Momin said:

It felt really amazing to shoot those photos because the bright red chillies are so vibrant in colour.

His photos have been featured in National Geographic ‘Your Shot’ and also published in various newspapers, magazines including China Daily, The Guardian, Mirror.

Photographer – Abdul Momin

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