First Time Travelling To China? 8 Great Tips For You

Posted on November 23, 2016

After the Chinese Economic Reform that was initiated in the late 1970s and early 1980s, China has successfully established itself as a cynosure of foreign investment, tourism and lately higher education. Consequently, the number of foreigners thronging China is going high with every passing year. If it is your first visit to China, you might face some problems and we will try to give you some tips that will be helpful to get you through the tough time.


1. Lingual problem :

Chinese, with its’ hieroglyphic-like writing, is undoubtedly the toughest of the languages. The ultimate prevalence of Chinese language is the most common problem newcomers face. And you will feel the heat of this prevalence, the moment you step out of the Airport.

Though, there are English speaking people in important places, but you will find very little Chinese commoners who are good at English. So, if it’s your first time in China, prior coming, we advise you to learn some basic Chinese. You can also make a print of your destination addresses in Chinese along with English that at least will spare you of the lingual sufferings to get to your destination.


2. Food woes :

After reaching destination, many are tormented by food woes. Though Chinese cuisine is very well-known worldwide many people have tough time getting used to it. So for the first few days some turn to different chain fast-food shops like KFC, McDonald, Pizza Hut.

For the Muslim travelers identifying Halal food is another woe. But the good news is, though China is a non-Muslim country Halal restaurants which are managed by Chinese Muslim, can be found in almost every area. To identify Halal product/restaurant in China read- “Halal Food in China

If you are about to stay in China for a long time and not used to the Chinese food, you can bring some snacks and dry food with you. If you want to cook by yourself then you will not regret bringing some spices from your country.


3. Beware of the rogues :

Foreigners living in China will comply with the fact that Chinese people in general are amiable people. You will find their helping hand extended whenever you are in hot water. But still, you should keep your eyes open while making friends or when someone accosts you on the road. While shopping especially in different flea markets, you had better bargain before buying. For some unscrupulous businessmen tend to gauge foreigners.

Foreigners getting ripped off by taxi drivers – is not unheard of. Before getting on a taxi, check if the meter is functioning properly. Always take receipt from the driver before getting off, this way you will be able to track the taxi and get back your stuff if you forget something in the taxi.


4. Avoid discussing China’s internal controversial matters :

In order to keep internal peace, Chinese govt. strictly observe and control media, internet, books etc. So, it is always better to keep away from the controversial discussions.


5. Censorship in internet :

After coming to China if you see that you cannot logon to your Facebook, don’t be surprised. For many popular websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogger are blocked in China by the govt. itself. (But you know what they say, “There is always a way” )


6. Weather :

Many Chinese cities are very dry, so it will be smart to bring Vaseline, moisturizer, lip gel, lotion etc.


7. Medicine :

You can keep some medicine, like saline, band-aid, paracetamol, for your first-aid.


8. Exchanging currency :

Although exchanging currency in China is very easy but it would be better if you could bring a small amount of Chinese currency along with you. This will help you to save your time and avoid unnecessary hassle at the airport.


We hope these tips will help you better prepare your upcoming journey to China!


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