How To Apply For Chinese Government Scholarship – Application Process with Sample Documents

Posted on November 24, 2016


Every year Chinese Government provides scholarship, both full and partial to international students and scholars in different programs, namely bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD and Chinese language program.

This scholarship program is managed by CSC (China Scholarship Council), who carries through with the selection of the scholarship-holder. There are several ways to apply for Chinese scholarships. Usual way is to apply via your country’s education ministry or Chinese Embassy/Consulate, where you have to turn in all the necessary documents.


  1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and be in good health.
  2. Applicants must be less than 25 years old for bachelor’s degree, 35 years old for master’s degree and 40 years old for PhD.

Facilities enjoyed by the full scholarship holder:

  1. Full-free tuition fees.
  2. A monthly allowance of CNY 2,500/month for Bachelor, CNY 3,000/month for Master’s, CNY 3,500/month for PhD is granted to each student.
  3. Each student is provided with accommodation in his/her respective university’s international students’ dormitory (most of the Universities have special dormitory for international students) free of cost.
  4. Costs of basic learning materials that means only the major related books, are born by the host institution.
  5. Students are awarded with Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for the scholarship students in China.

Materials you have to submit for application (with examples):

  1. Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form (see example in PDF).
  2. Notarized photocopy of your Academic Transcripts and Certificates of your highest diploma.
  3. A photocopy of physical well-being from a physician (see example in PDF). United Hospital is recommended by the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh for the tests.
    (Download Standard Physical Examination form .PDF)
  4. A Study of Purpose or Scholarship Essay, describing your interests, ambition, future plan and how do you want to materialize them (see example in PDF).
  5. Applicants for postgraduate studies, or study in China as senior scholars must submit two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors (view sample PDF).
  6. You may also need to include photocopy of your passport or national id.

You have to submit all these above mentioned materials, along with the scholarship application form, which can be filled from here.

Time of application:

Applicants can start preparing their papers in January. Usually, the notice for the scholarship appears in end of January and applicants are expected to submit application form along with other materials between January and April every year. In China, new semester starts from September.

Students of different countries can look up in Chinese embassy websites of their countries for specific details or requirements of the scholarship for their respective countries.

Some Additional Information:

1. In the scholarship application form you have to mention three universities, where you are interested in getting enrolled. Though you might or might not get selected by your preferred universities. Please choose your universities from this University List.

Though you might or might not get selected by your preferred universities. For example, if you choose top-ranked universities, there are odds that, they will be replaced by some other universities and, if you get chance in one of those institutions there are some pre-requisites (described in the following point) before you get enrolled.

2. If you want to go for top Chinese universities, then before the semester starts you have to take HSK (Hanyu Shuping Kaoshi – standardized test of Standard Mandarin Chinese proficiency for non-native speakers), show excellence in your one-year Chinese language course.

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