How to Buy VOIP Credit from Step by Step Guide

Posted on March 14, 2012

How to buy VOIP (Nonoh, Rynga, Voipgain, Voipcheap, Justvoip, voipwise, free call, Internet calls, low rate voip etc.) credit from A step by step guide below will explain the complete process.

Step 1:

First of all you need an account on If you don’t have one please check “how to create an account in taobao”? If you already have an account please login.

Step 2:

After you login successfully, type the name of the VOIP (e.g. Nonoh, Rynga, VoipGain…) in the search box and hit enter.

Step 3:

In the search result page look for the lowest rate of your desired product. Please remember, usually there are two common ways to buy credit or recharge your voip.

Method-1 (Manual recharge): You can choose the product and then you have to chat with the seller. In the chat box you will have to provide your username of the voip you would like to buy credit   for. After you make a successful transaction, the seller will send you the credit to your VOIP account. (This method is inappropriate for those who don’t read, write or speak Chinese language).

Method-2 (Automatic recharge): By using this method you can recharge your voip by yourself. You do not have to chat with the seller. Since this tutorial is intended for those who do not speak, read or write Chinese language, so we will go with the “Automatic recharge” option. Moreover in this way you will be able to recharge your VOIP account 24×7. Great!

Step 4:

From the image below you will be able to differentiate between automatic recharge and manual recharge. Choose the one with automatic recharge option and click on it.


Step 5:

After clicking on the link you will reach to the page below. Click on “Buy Now”

Step 6:

In the next step insert your username in the message box for the voip client (e.g. Nonoh, Rynga, Voipgain…) and then click on “Confirm and Buy”. (Please remember, DO NOT TYPE anything else in the message box, if you type a wrong username in this box the voip account will not be recharged automatically.)

Step 7:

Next you need to choose your bank and payment option. For this guide I choose “Savings Card/Debit Card” as my payment option and “ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China)” as my bank (please refer to the image below to choose other banks).

(Note: To be able to purchase online you have to activate the online payment option/e-banking service from your bank. Due to security reasons different banks use different payment methods and most probably they are different from the one used in this guide.)
After you finish choosing your bank click “Next”

Step 8:

Click on “Log on to Online Banking Payment”

Step 9: 

Insert your bank card number and the verification code. Click on “Submit”

Step 10:

Click on “Full payment”

Step 11:

In this step you have to insert the password from “e-banking code card”, your online banking password and the verification code then click “Next”.

Step 12:

If you have inserted all the information correctly you will see the page below says “Payment successful” and you are done!


After a successful finish your voip account will be automatically recharged within 10 minutes.

*If you have further questions please feel free to leave a comment below.

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