Make your credential more valid in response to fake Chinese degrees made in Bangladesh

Posted on January 6, 2018

Author: Dr. Mohammed Ali Chowdhury

As we all know the current situation in Bangladesh about fake degrees. So, my advices to Chinese medical graduates, please try to make your credentials stronger. Yes, we do notary from China, attestation from MOFA and Embassy. But what else can we do to make it much stronger? Two things, get a verification report from and both of these verification methods are directly under the ministry of education of China.

Example of a forged certificate

Some of you may argue that your certificate can already be verified in but that is temporary, after sometime it can no longer be verified online unless, you request them for an online verification report. This is happened with my students of Taishan, they could verify online before but now they cannot.

For a verification report in first you need to register with a Chinese mobile number (if you are not in china tell your friends to register for you). Once you register you can enter all your information accurately including passport number then your educational record will come up on the screen automatically, then you can apply for verification report (English version cost 30rmb) and in 2 working day they will deliver you verification report in pdf format.

Verification report from

For you can register using your email and then upload your degree and diploma. In 21 days they will send your verification report. It will cost 180RMB plus shipping cost based on your location (N.B they can ship it to Bangladesh also via EMS).

Verification report from


Hope everyone will consider these steps to make the credentials more transparent. Once you have verification report from anyone can verify it using QR code and also by inserting the online verification report number in their official site section of online verification.


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