Ningbo University ISU Cultural Festival – A Day Full of Good Moments

Posted on December 16, 2016

On December 10, 2016, Ningbo University (NBU) Business School (ISU) organized a Cultural Festival where different cultures from all over the world blend together giving the visitor a valuable opportunity to view the world.

The event was so crowded as people wanted to try different foods from different countries such as Indonesia, India, Sudan, Russia, Italy, Bangladesh, China and so many more. Everyone that came to the exhibition enjoyed to the maximum as the dances from countries like Yemen, Ethiopia and Italy that people enjoyed.

Amazing games brought from different countries caught many visitor’s attention that almost everyone wanted to try out. Beautiful handcrafts and scenery pictures sold from countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh also not forgetting the China booth that also brought us closer to China in ways that people didn’t even realize.




The organizing committee thanked everyone that came to share their country’s foods, culture with everyone, also to all those who took their time to attend the festival and made day so enjoyable.

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