Top 10 Domestic Car Manufacturers in China

Posted on November 23, 2016


When it comes to automobile the products of US, Germany, Japan are the usual talking among car-lovers. However, today we will have a look at some popular car-brand of China. China, just like many other sectors is making its presence known in the automotive field. According to Detroit branch of Boston Consulting Group, China is one of the four countries that will meet one-third of world automotive demand by 2014.

Check out the list of top 10 domestic car makers in China.

1. Hong Qi: Hongqi, a luxury car division of the automaker FAW, was first manufactured in 1958, the model number of that car was CA71.

hongqil07 Photo: Hongqi L07 Model

2. BYD: BYD Co LTD, founded in 1995, is a Shenzhen, Guangdong province based automobiles and rechargeable batteries manufacturer. In 2003, it officially entered the auto industry and has manufactured traditional high quality fuel vehicles of different models. It has also manufactured pure electric vehicle e6 and pure electric bus K9.

byd-g6Photo: BYD G6 Model

3. Chery: Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. Is a state-owned corporation founded in 1997. It started producing automobile in 1999. Currently, it is selling different modes of car under four brand names: Chery, Karry, Rely and Riich.

chery Photo: Chery A5 cc Model

4. Geely: Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. is one of China’s top ten enterprises in the automotive industry since its entrance in the field. With flexible operation mechanism and continuous innovation, its project investment has achieved rapid development, the total assets of over 14 billion Yuan.

geely-gt-cc Photo: Geely Concept Car At Shanghai Motor Show

5. Brilliance Auto: Brilliance Auto, also known as Brilliance China Automotive Holding Ltd, started car-making joint venture with BMW in 2001. It has sold car under many brand names, where Jinbei and Granse are its commercial vehicle brand.

6. Chang’an: Chang’an Automobile (Group) Co Ltd is a child group of China Weaponry Equipment and a state-owned enterprise. It has manufactured China’s first Jeep.

7. Hafei: Hafei was purchased by Chang’an Motors in 2009 and became a subsidiary company of the former. Hafei is the founder and pioneer of mini-car manufacturing and research. So far the company has seven series of product types include mini-car and limousine and nearly a hundred categories.

8. Lifan: Lifan, founded in 1992, was primarily a motorcycle manufacturer. It started manufacturing automobile in 2005. Its products include: motorcycle, scooter, car, power products, NewEnergy.

9. Great Wall Motors: Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd., the predecessor of the Great Wall Industry Corporation, is a collectively owned enterprise, established in 1984. It is China’s leading SUV and pickup manufacturer and in 2012, it ranked as 12th largest Chinese automaker.

10. Jiangling: Jiangxi automobile factory established in 1968, developed from 2004 annual sales of 67,000 ranked fourteenth in all car manufacturers in China


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