Top Universities in China – Chinese University Ranking 2016

Posted on November 28, 2016

If you are considering China as an option for higher education and you don’t have much idea on top universities in China then this is the right place for you. Chinese University Ranking will help you to find China’s top and best universities as well as the list of top 100 universities in China.

1. Beijing (Peking) University, Beijing:


According to the ranking of Chinese University Alumnus Association (, Beijing University, also known as Peking University and colloquially known as BeiDa (北大) in Chinese, is the topmost school of the country. The university is situated at the northwest of Beijing, in the Haidian district, where many other prominent colleges and universities are also located. The university has as many as 2000 international students studying in the campus, who are provided with multifarious facilities by the school.

Established: 1898
Location: Haidian district, Beijing.


2. Tsinghua University, Beijing:


Many ranking will put this university to the number one place. There has always been a close combat between these two universities for the first position. It’s campus, which was named one of the most beautiful college campuses in the world by Forbes in 2010, is located in north-west Beijing, in the Haidian district. Though it is very renowned for it’s engineering schools but, it’s school of economics and management is incessantly ranking one of the best business schools in China.

Established: 1911
Location: Haidian district, Beijing.


3. Fudan University, Shanghai:


Fudan University is one of the China’s most prestigious universities, situated in Shanghai. The University was established in 1905, has four campuses- Handan, Fenglin, Zhangjiang, and Jiangwan.

Established: 1905
Location: YangPu district, Shanghai


4. Wuhan University, Wuhan:


Wuhan University also known as “Wu Da”, is located in Wuhan, Hubei province with a profound history of 123 years. The university is administered by the Ministry of Education in China. As of September 2015,  the university enrolls a total of 57,886 students. Situated at Luojia Hill surrounded by the East Lake the campus is also famous in China for it’s beautiful scenic spot.

Established: 1893
Location: Wuhan, Hubei province.


5. Zhejiang University, Hangzhou:


It is one of the China’s oldest and most distinguished institutions of higher education. It is situated south east of Shanghai, in the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. Zhejiang University libraries in total had a paper-based collection of about 6.18 million volumes on 10 June 2005. It was ranked as the largest university collection in Mainland China.

Established: 1897
Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.
According to CUAA (Chinese Universities Alumni Association) following is the list of top 20 universities in China:

1. Peking University

2. Tsinghua University

3. Fudan University

4. Wuhan University

5. Zhejiang University

6. Renmin University of China

7. Shanghai Jiaotong University

8. Nanjing University

9. National University of Defense Technology

10. Sun Yat-sen University

11. Jilin University

12. University of Science and Technology of China

13. Huazhong University of Science and Technology

14. Sichuan University

15. Beijing Normal University

16. Nankai University

17. Xi’an Jiaotong University

18. Central South University

19. Tongji University

20. Tianjin University

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